International Criminal Justice Series

Jointly with PD Dr. Moritz Vormbaum and Prof. Dr. Lovell Fernandez, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Werle edits the "International Criminal Justice Series" published by T.M.C. Asser Press/Springer.
The series aims to create a platform for publications in the whole field of international criminal justice. It therefore deals with issues relating, among others, to:
- the work of international criminal courts and tribunals;
- transitional justice approaches in different countries;
- international anti-corruption and anti-money laundering initiatives;
- the history of international criminal law.
The series concentrates on themes pertinent to developing countries. It is peer-reviewed and seeks to publish high-quality works emanating from excellent scholars, in particular from African countries.
Vol. 14: Judicial Responses to Pre-trial Procedural Violations in International Criminal Proceedings (2017)
Pitcher, K.M.
Im Erscheinen
Vol. 13: Child Soldiers as Agents of War and Peace (2017)
Steinl, Leonie
Im Erscheinen
Vol. 12: The ICC at the Mercy of Powerful States (2017)
Schuerch, Res
Im  Erscheinen
Vol. 11: Questioning the effectiveness of money laundering in Germany (2017)
Zoppei, Verena
Im Erscheinen
Vol. 10: The African Criminal Court - A Commentary on the Malabo Protocol (2016)
Werle, Gerhard/Vormbaum, Moritz (Hrsg.)
Vol. 9: Translating guilt: A Comparative Theory of Leadership Liability for Mass Atrocity Crimes (2017)
Steer, Cassandra
Vol. 8: Avoiding a Full Criminal Trial: Fair Trial Rights, Diversions, and Shortcuts in Dutch and International Criminal Proceedings (2016)
Vriend, Koen
Vol. 7: A Collective Theory of Genocidal Intent (2016)
Kim, Sangkul
Vol. 6: The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia: Assessing Their Contribution to International Criminal Law (2016)
Meisenberg, Simon M./Stegmiller, Ignaz (Hrsg.)
Eine Rezension zum Band ist von Benz/ Römer/ Eckstein in ZIS 12/2016, 876 ff. erschienen.
Vol. 5: International Criminal Tribunals and Human Rights Law (2016)
Zeegers, Krit
Vol. 4: Illicitly Obtained Evidence at the International Criminal Court (2016)
Viebig, Petra
Vol. 3: Universal Jurisdiction: The Sierra Leone Profile (2015)
Bankole Thompson, Rosolu John
Vol. 2: The Post Election Violence in Kenia: Domestic and International Legal Responses (2015)
Materu, Sosteness Francis
Vol. 1: Africa and the International Criminal Court (2014)
Werle, Gerhard/Fernandez, Lovell/Vormbaum, Moritz (Hrsg.)
Eine Rezension zum Band ist von Bartlomiej Krzan im German Yearbook of International Law 2015, 554 ff. erschienen.
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