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Funded by the Humboldt University Multimedia Programme, a comprehensive selection of historical court decisions in the field of international criminal justice could have been digitalised and edited. In spite of their great value to both international criminal law theory and practice, these decisions have, before that, never been edited and published in the internet systematically and in a quotable form. Archiv des Völkerstrafrechts (International Criminal Law Archive) will thus serve as a valuable aid to scholars of international criminal law.
International Military Tribunal Nuremberg
Judgment of 1 October 1946 (English)/(German)
International Military Tribunal for the Far East
Judgment of 4 November 1948 (English)
Indictment (English)
US Military Tribunals at Nuremberg
Milch Trial (Erhard Milch),
Judgment of 17 April 1947 (English)
Medical Trial (Karl Brandt et al.),
Judgment of 19 July 1947 (English)
Pohl Trial (Oswald Pohl et al.),
Judgment of 3 November 1947 (English)
Justice Trial (Josef Altstötter et al.),
Judgment of 4 December 1947 (English)/(German/extracts)
Flick Trial (Friedrich Flick et al.),
Judgment of 22 December 1947 (English)
Hostage Trial (Wilhem List et al.),
Judgment of 19 February 1948 (English)
RuSHA Trial (Ulrich Greifelt et al.),
Judgment of 10 March 1948 (English)
Einsatzgruppen Trial (Otto Ohlendorf et al.),
Judgment of 10 April 1948 (English)
IG Farben Trial (Carl Krauch et al.),
Judgment of 30 July 1948) (English)
Krupp Trial (Alfried Krupp et al.),
Judgment of 31 July 1948 (English)
Ministries Trial (von Weizsäcker et al.),
Judgment of 11 April 1949 (English)
High Command Trial (Wilhelm von Leeb et al.),
Judgment of 14 April 1949 (English)
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Online Archive ICL
Online Archive ICL

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